Never a Dull Moment

The past two days have been crazy.  My life is usually a little crazy (completely brought by my own doing), but this weekend takes the prize for the semester, I believe.  It was the most fun I’ve had all week, but I’m beat and I’ve got another busy week ahead.  But, I wanted to take the time to recap quick, so here’s a summary of my recent life events….

This wasn’t in the last two days, but is worth mentioning.  I had my last day of student teaching at the high school!  It was such a bittersweet day.  I got a ton of hugs and “I’ll miss you”s from my wonderful kids.  They are really a great group and I’m going to miss working with them.  BUT I am excited to start elementary school tomorrow!  I haven’t even really had time to process all of it yet because it’s all happened so fast.  Thankfully, I’ll still get to see some of the kids for musical practices for the next few weeks while I’m doing elementary too.  

On Friday after Region Band (our bass clarinet made it to states!  Yay!), I drove to my parent’s house to spend the evening before Saturday’s drill.  I ended up spending less than 12 hours at home so it was barely any time at all but it’s always nice to snuggle with my dog, catch up with my parents, and do a quick load of laundry.  I usually pick up Ali but I didn’t have to this month because she was at her house on spring break.  My parents kept saying, “Where’s our second daughter?  We miss Ali!”  She literally spends more time at my house than hers!  It was such a quick visit but good like always.  

Saturday was drill at the base.  It was a pretty normal kind of day, except we were scrambling around trying to make sure we had proper uniform parts for the following day.  We had some rehearsal time which was nice – I’m so rusty!  My tone is decent, but I didn’t realize how much my technique has suffered from not practicing often!  It was kind of a wake-up call that I need to find more time to play, despite how much I’ve got going on with student teaching.  And this is exactly why I joined the guard band in the first place – to keep playing despite a career in teaching!  It has proved itself time and time again that it was the right thing to do.

After the duty day, Ali and I went for a run.  She’s training for a race later this year, but I haven’t been exercising a whole lot unfortunately due to being at a school 10 or more hours a day.  So, I was planning on just running a few miles with her and then turning around so I didn’t overdo it.  But we both felt awesome and we ended up running 7 miles!  She actually went even a little further.  It was the perfect run.  Good hills, the sun was shining, great company.  I was proud of myself for going that far, after only running at most two miles at a time occasionally the past few weeks.  It felt wonderful.  I actually got a little sunburned!  But I don’t even care – my body was desperate for Vitamin D so I’m glad I was able to soak up some rays and now I feel totally re-energized despite winter still sucking.  I totally believe that Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing and that it affects me to a degree.  

Instead of driving back to my parent’s house on Saturday to spend the night, we stayed at a little inn to save on gas money and time.  I was worried it would be a shady little place, but it was really cute and clean and I would definitely stay there again.  That evening, we met some other people from our unit at a restaurant right in Hershey.  It was great!  Ali and I shared this delicious pulled pork wrap with lime and vegetables.  I’m not normally a pork person at all, like I haven’t eaten it in probably five or more years.  But after that long run my body was craving some protein like crazy and it was so good.  Here’s us actually wearing normal clothes!  We usually take pictures of ourselves in uniform but we got a cute one this month!  When we’re not in uniform during drill weekends, we’re usually wearing sweatpants and eating ice cream with my parents on the couch, so it was fun to switch it up for this evening.  You can also see some of the people from our unit in the background!  I really enjoy spending time with all of them.  


Sunday drill was very busy.  We got our photos taken for various things, in two different locations, with some people changing uniforms up to the three times!  Thankfully I only needed two uniform changes.  This next picture is of Ali and I with Katie, our friend who just returned from basic and active duty training!  It is so good to have her back.  I wish this picture wasn’t blurry but I like it anyways!  This uniform is called the “mess dress” and is typically worn as evening formal wear.  



When the duty day was over, we dashed away from the base to get to a church in Harrisburg, where the Langley Winds was performing, the woodwind quintet from the active duty band in Virginia!  It’s actually where I did my active duty training after basic, and I knew all the people in the group and Ali and I both wanted to go hear them.  I even had the privilege of playing a few gigs with them.  They sounded absolutely wonderful and they played some great repertoire.  It is always so refreshing to hear a professional group live.  It totally recharges my musical batteries and reminds me of how important music is in my life, because I feel like I lose sight of that sometimes – why I love it.  This performance certainly reminded me!

This is when the day really starts to get crazy.  I realized about 45 minutes into our trip back to our respective colleges, that I left my entire wallet at the church where the performance was!  Complete with my license, SS card, my credit card, and all my cash.  I left it in the front of the pew, wedged between two hymnals where I thought I would remember to grab it before we left.  But of course I didn’t.  I was so mad at myself!  I hardly ever misplace things or am disorganized so when stuff like this happens I get pretty worked up.  We were at Sheetz getting dinner, so I decided to call my dad and ask him about canceling my credit card, etc.  Well, he said, “text me the name and address of the church, and where you left your wallet.”  I wasn’t expecting him to offer to go look for it!  Harrisburg is fairly close to where my parents live, but it’s still a good 30-40 minutes away.  But he insisted, so Ali paid for my dinner and gave me some extra cash to hold me over for a few days and we continued on our way while I waited for a phone call.  She is such a good friend!  I owe her big time.  

Just when I thought my dad was about to call and say that he couldn’t get in the church, my phone rings…and he said he found it!  He said the church was locked but a maintenance man let him in and my wallet was sitting exactly where I left it.  I was so incredibly grateful for my dad tonight.  I am blessed to have two wonderful parents, who support me even when I do crazy stuff like this.  He is the best dad ever.  I can’t think of hardly anyone who would drop everything to drive over an hour to go take care of a mistake someone else made.  God was definitely looking out for me this evening.  I was so relieved I started to cry.  What a blessing that disaster turned out to be. 

I’m finally back at school, and it’s past 11 o’clock.  I really need to go to bed because of my big day tomorrow!  I haven’t picked out my clothes, packed my lunch, or even cleaned out my student teaching binders/bag from the high school placement.  I should probably go take care of all that!  I just wanted to quick share a little of what my weekend was like!  There’s never a dull moment, is there?  I love it though and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  

Now for elementary mode!  I can’t wait!  Stay tuned.  🙂



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