A Very Pinterest Christmas

Due to the influence of my roommate (I love and hate you for it Caitlyn!), I’ve become slightly obsessed with pinning things on Pinterest.  I mainly pin things involving two of my favorite activities: eating and dressing like a classy lady!

I know, you probably think Pinterest is a time waster and it’s dumb and blah blah blah.  If that’s the case, feel free to close this window in your internet browser.  Also, I have a selfie or two that I’m going to be posting.  So, if either of those things annoys you, please don’t continue reading.

You’ve been warned!

For the rest of you, enjoy reading about my Christmas activites over the past few days.  All of the food items my mom or I made that I posted here came from Pinterest!

On Christmas Eve, my family went to our church for the usual service. 


I was at church, but I was in the preschool wing the whole afternoon.  This year I decided instead of going to the service I would help to look after the kids whose parents were in the services.  I was in the Cheetah Room, which is for the 4 and 5 year olds!  If you know me well, then I’m sure you can just imagine how much smiling and laughing I did during those services!  Those little kids are where the joy and glory of God is so easily found.  I love little people with all my heart.


A little blonde girl named Bailey and I drew these during the last service of the day.

This year on Christmas day, it was just my immediate family celebrating.  Sometimes we have extended family over, but this one was just the five of us.  I made a comment about how quiet and calm our Christmas was – no kids waking up at the crack of dawn, no toys being played with after they were opened – and my mom said, “I think we need to appreciate these quiet Christmases while we can!  Pretty soon there might be young kids running around.  It’s important to be grateful for what we have now instead of always looking forward or always looking backwards.”  I’m paraphrasing, but I think she’s absolutely right!  Our lives aren’t going to be this nice and orderly forever…but for now, I’m going to enjoy it!

So it was a quiet little Christmas, but probably one of the best ones that I can remember.  We had a relaxing morning opening gifts, eating, and trying out my mom’s new Keurig.



The baked oatmeal was great, and so was this second little treat.  My mom made bacon-wrapped little smokies and water chesnuts, which were a big hit with everyone. (She made some skewers of just water chesnuts and pineapple for me!) Pictured here is just the tray of water chesnuts.

I got my usual types of presents: chai tea, a black blazer (for those upcoming job interviews), a hair straightener so I don’t have to keep stealing Caitlyn’s, a new ceramic portable coffee mug, and a couple other small items.  Such as…


The fuzzy socks that I’m wearing today!  I think I got 5 pairs total…a girl can never have too many socks.  I like the bottoms of these because they’re grippy!  Also, the way I knotted my circle scarf is a Pinterest idea.


For whatever reason, my family has christened this drink, “the special juice.”  It’s a combination of cranberry, orange, and pineapple…very tasty!  I found the recipe – where else? – on Pinterest.  You’re supposed to add sprite or ginger ale, but I like it without the carbonation.  We were also thinking it might be good with some coconut rum in it, but we’ve yet to try that.

The rest of Christmas day was spent doing absolutely nothing.  For the most part, I sat next to our warm pellet stove downstairs, read a book, and snuggled up with my favorite dog Button.  My older brother actually had to work in the afternoon, so we’re waiting until this evening to have our Christmas dinner, which, as usual, is going to be a little unconventional. 

Instead of the traditional ham or turkey, we often use the holidays as an opportunity to try new recipes or eat food that we don’t normally eat or buy but that aren’t thought of as typical holiday food.


I made this cilantro lime chickpea salad for tonight!  It was so easy to make and smelled very fresh.  I can’t wait to try it this evening!  Along with it, we’re having crab cake sandwiches, steamed asparagus, and a new red wine that I can’t remember the name of.  Oh, and a chocolate cream pie for dessert.  How’s that for unconventional? 

Tomorrow my Aunt Rebecca and her family are coming over – on my mom’s side, they live the closest to us out of all my mom’s sisters so it’s the easiest for us to get together.  However, in mid-January, we’re having one big Meekins family palooza where we’ll all be together throughout the weekend. 

Can I just say, that it is so incredibly nice to be home? 




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